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Larval Distribution and Abundance of Carangidae (Pisces), from the Southern Gulf of Mexico, 1983-1984

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The larval distribution and abundance of several taxa of the carangids from the southem Gulf of Mexico are analyzed, based on data from four oceanographic cruises conducted between 1983 and 1984. The material was collected with a bongo net fished to maximum depths of 200 m. The species collected were Chloroscombrus chrysurus (54.2%), Decapterus punctatus (15.8%), Trachurus Iathami (11.8%), Selene setapinnis (6.1%), Selar crumenophthalmus (6.0), Caranx hipposllatus (0.9%), Caranx crysos (0.7%) and Selene sp. (0.3%). The higher frequency of occurrence and greater abundance of larvae of all species was found over the continental shelf, and in some cases, in the oceanic zone near the slope. Almost all the species were present year-round with highest larval densities in the warm months, except for T. Iathami which occurred in greatest abundance during winter and early spring.

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