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Calliax jonesi, N. Sp. (Decapoda: Thalassinidea: Callianassidae) from the Northwestern Bahamas

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Two specimens of Calliax jonesi, n. sp., were collected from fine carbonate sediments in 3 to 5 m of water at Bimini Harbor, Bahamas. Of the species presently assigned to the genus Calliax de Saint Laurent, 1973, C. jonesi appears to be most closely related to C. quadracuta (Biffar, 1970), presently known from the Atlantic coast of Venezuela and the Florida Keys. Calliax jonesi is distinguished from C. quadracuta by: (1) the absence of a distal spinose process on the dorsal and ventral margins of the carpus of the first pair of chelipeds, (2) the armature and shape of uropods and telson, and (3) the shape of male first pleopod. Calliax jonesi, C. quadracuta, and at least two undescribed species from the northwestern Atlantic appear to form a closely related species complex which may not be congeneric with the type species, C. lobata (de Gaillande & Lagardère, 1966), and other species assigned to Calliax.

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