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The Growth of Cultchless Crassostrea virginica Spat at Biloxi Bay, Mississippi Using Different Methods of Culture

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Oyster spat produced from the experimental hatchery of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory at Point Cadet, Biloxi, Mississippi, were grown under a variety of conditions. Recovery of spat planted on adjacent bay bottom was negligible, despite the use of either whole oyster valves, crushed oyster shell or clam shell as a substrate. Negligible growth occurred for spat held in vertical and horizontal water tanks. Growth of spat in horizontal tanks was affected by the density of stocking, with lower densities producing faster growth. Growth in all studies was slower than anticipated and a comparison on growth for spat from a Maryland hatchery with locally-produced spat suggests that the low growth was related to the local waters. Overall, growth as determined by increase in greatest shell dimensions of spat is as follows: on-bottom, 2.90 mm/mo; raft culture., 1.78 mm/mo; upwelling tank, 1.19 mm/mo; and horizontal trough, 2.0 mm/mo.

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