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Records of Deep-Water Chaetognaths from the Northern Gulf of Mexico

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Fourteen species of deep-water Chaetognatha were present in plankton samples collected between 200 and 677 m at five stations along the continental slope of the northem Gulf of Mexico. Samples were taken in conjunction with the MARFlN Geryon cruises of 1987 and 1988. New Gulf of Mexico records resulting from this study were Eukrohnia calliops, Eukrohnia proboscidea, Mesosagitta sibogae, and Sagitta megalophthalma. Other deepwater species present were Eukrohnia fowleri, E. bathypelagica, E. bathyantarctica, Caecosagitta macrocephala, Mesosagitta decipiens, M. minima, Solidosagitta planctonis, Krohnitta subtilis, Flaccisagitta hexaptera, and F. lyra. In addition, the normally epiplanktonic taxa, Pterosagitta draco, Serratosagitta serratodentata, and Sagitta bipunctata occurred in some of the samples.

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