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Studies on the Crustacea of the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies I. Four New Marine Isopod Crustaceans from the Vicinity of Pine Cay

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Four undescribed species of shallow-water marine isopods were recently collected in the vicinity of Pine Cay in the western Caicos Islands. These are described and include the anthurid Licranthura tuberculata, possessing a tuberculate third article of the antenna and a rounded distolateral angle of the uropodal exopod; the anthurid Mesanthura spongicoia, which has a distinctive color pattern, distinctly attenuated body, and 5-7 spines on the third article of the mandibular palp; The paranthurid Califanthura minuta, a tiny (1.6 mm) species having a reduced, triangular uropodal exopod; and the stenetriid asellote Stenetrium caicosensis, which has a pronounced lobe on the merus of pereopod 1 in the male.

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