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Design and Operation of a Small Tank System for Ovarian Maturation and Spawning of Penaeus vannamei

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Ovarian maturation and spawning of Penaeus vannamei was accomplished in a 120 l (30 gal) tank as well as in a 800 l recirculating system consisting of six aquaria plumbed into a common biofilter. Pond reared animals stocked one per tank were fed a diet consisting of commercial pellets, squid, and bloodworms. Temperature was maintained at 28oC and salinity between 28 and 32 ppt. Presence of black shields between aquaria, males, eggs in the water, and other females in the aquaria were not required for ovarian maturation. Thirty-six of 78 females held in the small talk system spawned. The smallest female which spawned was 25.9 g. After unilateral eyestalk ablation by enucleation, female P. vannamei molted in 3-16 days and spawned in 7-20 days. Up to four spawns occurred before the next molt which occurred 15-35 days after ablation.

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