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Isopods of the Genus Excorallana Stebbing, 1904 (Crustacea, Isopoda, Corallanidae) from the East Coast of Mexico with a Supplemental Description of E. subtilis

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Eight species of Excorallana, E. acuticauda, E. delaneyi, E. oculata, E. sexticornis, E. subtilis, E. tricornis tricornis, E. warmingii, and Excorallana sp. are recorded for the eastern coast of Mexico. The range of E. delaneyi is extended south in the Gulf of Mexico. Excorallana oculata and E. subtiIis are reported for the first time in the Gulf. Based on specimens from the east coast of Mexico, a supplemental description of E. subtilis is presented and its taxonomy to other closely related species discussed. A key is provided to the adult males of the species of Excorallana now known to occur in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

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