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Closed System Culture of Penaeus vannamei

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Penaeus vannamei were cultured utilizing three different closed recirculating seawater systems. The first system used biological filtration for water treatment. The second system utilized both physical and chemical filtration, but no biological filtration. The third system used a combination of biological, physical, and chemical filtration. Shrimp growth was monitored for a 12-week period for each system. Shrimp from the biological filtration system had a growth rate of 0.82 g/wk and an overall survival rate of 45.6%. Shrimp from the closed system which used physical and chemical filtration had a growth rate of 0.99 g/wk and a survival rate of 29.2%. In the third system which combined both types of filtration, the shrimp growth rate averaged 0.65 g/wk and the survival rate was 56.9%.

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