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Namalycastis abiuma (Müller in Grube) 1871, an Aberrant Nereidid Polychaete of a Georgia Salt Marsh Area and its Faunal Associations

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The morphology of the aberrant nereidid Namalycastis abiuma, Namanereidinae is described on the basis of material collected 1971-72 and 1976 in the brackish water drainage ditch system of Sapelo Island, Georgia, USA. The systematics of the species is briefly reviewed. The habitat and ecological conditions under which the species lives in these brackish ditches are described.

At various times, N. abiuma lives out of water under the bark of trunks and branches of fallen trees. Decaying wood is ingested. It is suggested that future studies should concentrate on the reproductive biology of the widely spread, mainly tropical populations of what may prove to be not one, but several species of Namalycastis. A list of the invertebrate fauna associated with N. abiuma is included with notes on these associates.

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