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The Scientific Publications of Charles Eric Dawson (1948-1990)

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By the time Charles Eric Dawson died on February 11, 1993, he had produced a total of 150 published papers. His contributions represent an important chapter in the ichthyological investigations of marine fishes. His work on fishes of the Americas and on the taxonomy of pipe fishes will long be remembered as two of his most significant and outstanding achievements. Although tribute to this Canadian-American Ichthyologist and longtime Senior Ichthyologist and curator of the ichthyological research collection at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory is presented elsewhere (Overstreet and Poss, Copeia 1993(3):921-925), it is appropriate that the extensive bibliography of one of GCRL's most productive scientists is compiled and made available to other researchers who will follow in his footsteps. These publications are listed chronologically.

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