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Pseudione overstreeti, New Species (Isopoda: Epicaridea: Bopyridae), A Parasite of Callichirus islagrande (Decapoda: Anomura: Callianassidae) from the Gulf of Mexico

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Pseudione overstreeti, new species, is a common bopyrid that infests the branchial chamber of the beach ghost shrimp, Callichirus islagrande, occurring along beaches of the Gulf of Mexico from Cape San Blas, Florida to Paraiso, Tabasco, Mexico. Like other members of the genus Pseudione that infest callianassid shrimps, the female of P. overstreeti is characterized by biramous terminal appendages which result from the combination of uniramous uropods with the closely associated lateral plates of pleomere 6. From the other members of the genus Pseudione occurring on callianassid hosts, P. overstreeti is distinguished by the distinctive development of the coxal and lateral plates on the female and the presence of elongate, posterolateral processes (= uropods by previous usage) on pleomere 6 of the male. Pseudione overstreeti is the second bopyrid from a callianassid host in the northeast Atlantic. The other species, Ione thompsoni Richardson, 1904, described from New England waters, infests the branchial chamber of Gilvossius setimanus (DeKay, 1844).

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