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Gametogenic Cycle in the Non-Native Atlantic Surf Clam, Spisula solidissima (Dillwyn, 1817), Cultured in the Coastal Waters of Georgia

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This study describes the gametogenic cycle of the Atlantic surf clam, Spisula solidissima (Dillwyn, 1817), cultured from fall to spring in the coastal waters of Georgia, where it is non-native. Early active stages of gametogenic development began in November, with the majority (83%) of the animals in the early active stage by December. Gonadal indices increased to late active stages by March, with ripe individuals present in April. Spawning commenced in May and continued into June. Sex ratio (0.48 female to 1.00 male) was significantly unequal. Results of this study indicate that clams achieved sexual maturity and spawned when cultured in the coastal waters of Georgia. An aquacultural enterprise in Georgia could obtain broodstock for the production of the following fall's seed crop from the prior year's growout field planted clams before their spring harvest.

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