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Seasonal Migration in the Southern Hogchoker, Trinectes maculatus fasciatus (Achiridae)

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Life history patterns often respond to local environmental conditions. The seasonal migration pattern of the northern hogchoker has been described, but the southern subspecies rarely has been studied. To document the migratory movements and the habitat characteristics of the southern hogchoker, long-term survey data and specimens collected during 1993 were examined. Moderate depth (5.8-6.4 m), low water clarity (0-1.2 m), moderate oxygen concentration (4-9 ppm), and sand-mud substrata generally defined hogchoker habitats. Hogchoker habitats only showed seasonal shifts in temperature and salinity characteristics. Hogchokers were only collected in low salinity (0-2 ppt) waters during the winter, but exhibited three abundance peaks in relation to bottom salinity during the summer samples at 0, 5, and 18 ppt. The survey data and the data from the 1993 specimens support the hypothesis that southern hogchokers are following a migration pattern similar to that described for the northern subspecies.

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