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Oceanic and Neritic Ichthyoplankton at the Edge of the Continental Shelf in the Southern Gulf of Mexico

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Oceanic and neritic ichthyoplankton were examined at a single sampling site at the edge of the continental shelf in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Double oblique tows were made with a 60 cm Bongo net fitted with 505 µm mesh netting. Collections were taken every 2 hours over a 24 h period during spring, summer and fall of 1992. Fish larvae were described as either oceanic or neritic depending upon adult lifestage habitat. The larvae of 59 taxa were collected in spring (50 oceanic, 9 neritic), 53 in summer (26 oceanic, 27 neritic) and 55 in fall (22 oceanic, 33 neritic). Larvae were least abundant during spring and most abundant in fall, for both oceanic and neritic taxa. Highest abundances of larvae were collected at night indicating increased gear avoidance during daylight.

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