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Seasonal and Spatial Patterns in Salinity, Nutrients, and Chlorophyll α in the Alvarado Lagoonal System, Veracruz, Mexico

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Ten monthly collections, distributed among three seasons, were taken from July 2000 to June 2001 in the Alvarado lagoonal system, Veracruz, Mexico. Variables measured in situ included dissolved oxygen, salinity, and water temperature. Water samples were collected to determine concentrations of ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, orthophosphates, total phosphorus and chlorophyll α. Collections representing the rainy season were taken in September and October, those for the nortes season were taken in November, December, and January, and dry season collections were taken during February, March, May June, and July. There was seasonal and spatial variation in nutrient concentrations, and they were related to the discharge of the rivers; concentrations increased during the rainy and nortes seasons. Other factors affecting water quality included the constant discharge of organic materials into the system, resuspension of sediments during the nortes season and the biological activity within the system that assimilated the nutrients in the water. The Alvarado lagoonal system has three separate zones based on physicochemical characteristics; Camaronera Lagoon, Buen Pais Lagoon and the urban zone of Alvarado Lagoon, and the river zone in Alvarado Lagoon.

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