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Selected Life-History Observations on the Cayman Gambusia, Gambusia xanthosoma Greenfield, 1983 (Poeciliidae)

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The Cayman gambusia (Gambusia xanthosoma Greenfield, 1983) is an uncommon species within the G. punctata species group, endemic to North Sound, Grand Cayman Island, BWI. Since the original description (Greenfield 1983) only phylogenetic information has been published and little is known of its habitat, feeding ecology, or reproductive life history (Wildrick and Greenfield 1985, Rauchenberger 1988). Originally described from a brackish-water (30 psu) mosquito control ditch, the species also occurred throughout marine mangrove habitat and inland saline ponds adjacent to North Sound, Grand Cayman Island. Here we present information on the habitat, diet, reproduction, life history, and parasites of the Cayman gambusia.

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