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A Western Range Extension for Caprella scaura (Amphipoda: Caprellidae) in the Aransas Bay Ecosystem, Texas

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During March 2009, the skeleton shrimp Caprella scaura and Paracaprella tenuis (Amphipoda: Caprellidae) were collected from several locations throughout the Aransas Bay, Texas ecosystem from Texas Parks and Wildlife fishery—independent trawl and oyster dredge samples. This is a western range expansion for C. scaura; P. tenuis has been reported from this area before. Both species were exclusively associated with a bryozoan, Bugula neritina. Densities of both species ranged between 0.1–3.4 individuals per gram of attached bryozoans. A reproductive population is likely established since several sizes, including adult males and gravid females, were observed. No caprellids were observed after early April, which coincided with a reduction in bryozoan occurrence in our routine monthly samples. These collections represent the first documented occurrence of C. scaura west of Florida.

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