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Distribution and Abundance of Chaetognatha on the Yucatan Shelf During May, 1986.

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An analysis of chaetognath species distribution and abundance from the Yucatan Shelf during May 1986 is presented. Zooplankton samples and associated hydrographic data were collected at 21 stations off the northern and northwestern coasts of the peninsula. Density data were classified and analyzed by calculating the Euclidian distance. In addition, the Importance Value of the species was obtained. Highest abundance (1000 to 5000 orgs./100m3) occurred in the northern and northwestern zones off the peninsula, while species richness was higher at oceanic stations farther offshore. The most abundant and frequent species were Sagitta enflata and S. bipunctata. The classification analysis based on the Euclidian distance showed three zones in the study area with different predominant species: (1) The northeast oceanic region of the Peninsula, with S. minima, S. serratodentata, S. enflata and S. bipunctata; (2) the west and northwest neritic region with S. enflata and (3) the near northeast and west coastal region with S. bipunctata.

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