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Stomatopod Crustaceans from the Carolinas and Georgia, Southeastern United States

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Literature and specimen records are updated for stomatopod crustaceans known from the coasts of the Carolinas and Georgia. Gibbesia, new genus, is recognized for Squilla neglecta, and a new species, Neogonodactylus wennerae, is named for an offshore species of Neogonodactylus previously identified with the Caribbean shore species N. bredini. Fifteen species of stomatopods representing 12 genera are now known from the area: Bigelowina biminiensis (Bigelow), Cloridopsis dubia (Milne Edwards), Coronis scolopendra Latreille, Gibbesia neglecta (Gibbes), Heterosquilloides armata (Smith), Meiosquilla quadridens (Bigelow), Lysiosquilla scabricauda (Lamarck), Lysiosquillina glabriuscula (Lamarck), Nannosquilla carolinensis Manning, N. whitingi Camp & Manning, Neogonodactylus torus (Manning), Neogonodactylus wennerae, new species, Platysquilloides enodis (Manning), Squilla deceptrix Manning, and S. empusa Say. A key is provided to species known from the Carolinas and Georgia.

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