Submissions from 2009


POSS-Nylon 6 Nanocomposites: Influence of POSS Structure on Surface and Bulk Properties, Rahul Misra, Bruce X. Fu, Andreas Plagge, and Sarah E. Morgan


Polymerization Kinetics of rac-Lactide Initiated with Alcohol/Stannous Octoate Using In Situ Attenuated Total Reflectance-Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: An Initiator Study, Scott J. Moravek, Jamie M. Messman, and Robson F. Storey


Copolymers of rac-Lactide and -Caprolactone: Conventional Copolymerization vs. Macroinitiator Copolymerization, Scott J. Moravek and Robson F. Storey


End-Quenching of Quasi-Living Isobutylene Polymerizations with Alkoxybenzene Compounds, David L. Morgan and Robson F. Storey

POLY 43-End-Quenching of Quasiliving Polyisobutylene With Phenoxy Derivatives For Direct Chain End Functionalization, David L. Morgan and Robson F. Storey


Sulfonium Ion Adducts from Quasiliving Polyisobutylene and Mono-or Disulfides, David L. Morgan and Robson F. Storey

Sulfonium Ion Adducts From Quasiliving Polyisobutylene and Alkyl Mono- or Di-Sulfides, David Morgan and Robson F. Storey

POLY 299-Surface Modification with Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Nanostructured Chemicals, Sarah E. Morgan, Rahul Misra, and Robert D. Cook

Responsive Micelles and Organogels From Polypeptide-Based Block Copolymers, Sandeep S. Naik, Adam D. Richardson, and Daniel A. Savin


Poly(Z-lysine)-Based Organogels: Effect of Interfacial Frustration on Gel Strength, Sandeep S. Naik and Daniel A. Savin


Generation of Silica Composition Profiles in Nafion (R) Membranes Via In Situ Sol-Gel Reactions and Hybrid Membrane Fuel Cell Performance, Amol Nalawade and Kenneth A. Mauritz

POLY 210-Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Semi-Aromatic Copolyterephthalamides Comprised of Poly (Decamethylene Terephthalamide) PA-10T and Poly (Hexamethylene Terephthalamide) PA-6T, Theodore F. Novitsky and Lon J. Mathias

Self-Assembling Protein (ABH1 hydrophobin) From Agaricus bisporus, Optimization of Isolation and Characterization, Lea Paslay, Lacey M. Harris, Christopher A. Harris, and Sarah E. Morgan


Model Studies of the Durability of a Titania-Modified Nafion Fuel Cell Membrane, Yatin Patil and Kenneth A. Mauritz


Durability Enhancement of Nafion (R) Fuel Cell Membranes Via In Situ Sol-Gel-Derived Titanium Dioxide Reinforcement, Yatin P. Patil and Kenneth A. Mauritz

Effect of Accelerated Fuel Cell Degradation On Mechanical Properties of Nafion (R) Membranes, Yatin P. Patil and Kenneth A. Mauritz

Effect of In Situ Grown Titania Particles On the Performance and Durability of Nafion (R) Membranes, Yatin P. Patil and Kenneth A. Mauritz

Synthesis of Alkyd/Acrylic Hybrid Latexes For Paper Coating Applications, James W. Rawlins, Richard C. Ferguson, and David E. Delatte

Effect of Polymer Tethering On Dispersions of Silica Nanoparticles In Crosslinked Epoxy Composites, Adam D. Richardson and Daniel A. Savin

POLY 201-Effect of Cure Schedule On Nanoscale Properties of Epoxy Resin, Christopher Sahagun and Sarah E. Morgan


Synthesis of High Metal-Complexation Linear Elastomers Containing Sym-1,2,4,5-tetrazine Rings, Abdelwahed R. Sayed and Jeffrey S. Wiggins


Segmented Polythiourethane Elastomers through Sequential Thiol-Ene and Thiol-Isocyanate Reactions, Junghwan Shin, Hironori Matsushima, Justin W. Chan, and Charles E. Hoyle

Segmented Polythiourethane Elastomers Through Sequential Thiol-ene and Thiol-isocyanate Reactions, Junghwan Shin, Mironori Matsushima, Justin W. Chan, and Charles E. Hoyle


Effects of Chemical Modification of Thiol-Ene Networks on Enthalpy Relaxation, Junghwan Shin, Sergei I. Nazarenko, and Charles E. Hoyle


Physical and Chemical Modifications of Thiol-Ene Networks to Control Activation Energy of Enthalpy Relaxation, Junghwan Shin, Sergei I. Nazarenko, J. Paige Phillips, and Charles E. Hoyle

Thermal Stability of Thiol Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles, Dipti Singh and Sarah E. Morgan


Tuning Nanostructure Morphology and Gold Nanoparticle "Locking" of Multi-Responsive Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers, Adam E. Smith, Xuewei Xu, Thomas U. Abell, Stacey E. Kirkland, Ryan M. Hensarling, and Charles L. McCormick


Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization in an Inverse Microemulsion System: Homopolymerization, Chain Extension, and Block Copolymerization, Atsushi Sogabe and Charles L. McCormick


POLY 40-Synthesis and (co)polymerization of 5-azepane-2-one Ethylene Ketal, Eylem Tarkin-Tas and Lon J. Mathias


The Synthesis, Characterization and Biocompatibility of Poly(ester urethane)/Polyhedral Oligomeric Silesquioxane Nanocomposites, Wenshou Wang, Yan-lin Guo, and Joshua U. Otaigbe


Biodegradable Poly(ester urethane)/soy Protein Isolate Hybrids: Synthesis and Characterization, Wenshou Wang and Joshua U. Otaigbe


Hydrogen Bonding Effects On Aspartate Ester Reactions, C. T. Williams, D. A. Wicks, and William L. Jarrett


Facile 'One-Pot' Preparation of Reversible, Disulfide-Containing Shell Cross-Linked Micelles from a RAFT-Synthesized, pH-Responsive Triblock Copolymer in Water at Room Temperature, Xuewei Xu, Adam E. Smith, and Charles L. McCormick


Interface Slippage Study Between Polyamide 12 and Ethylene Butene Copolymer Melt In Capillary Extrusion, Jinhai Yang and James L. White


Newly UV-Curable Polyurethane Coatings Prepared by Multifunctional Thiol- and Ene-Terminated Polyurethane Aqueous Dispersions Mixtures: Preparation and Characterization, Zhenglong Yang, Douglas A. Wicks, Charles E. Hoyle, Hongting Pu, Junjie Yuan, Decheng Wan, and Yongsheng Liu

Preparation of Polymersomes From ABA Triblock Polymers for Biodetection Applications, Bing Yuan and Sarah E. Morgan


Sequential Thiol-Ene/Thiol-Ene and Thiol-Ene/Thiol-Yne Reactions as a Route to Well-Defined Mono and Bis End-Functionalized Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), Bing Yu, Justin W. Chan, Charles E. Hoyle, and Andrew B. Lowe


Synthesis of Di- and Tri-Tertiary Amine Containing Methacrylic Monomers and Their (Co)Polymerization via RAFT, Bing Yu and Andrew B. Lowe


RAFT Synthesis and Stimulus-induced Self-Assembly in Water of Copolymers Based on the Biocompatible Monomer 2-(Methacryloyloxy)ethyl Phosphorylcholine, Bing Yu, Andrew B. Lowe, and Kazuhiko Ishihara

Phospholipid Molecular Recognition at the Monomer Boundaries of Copolymer Surfaces: Spectroscopic and Ab Initio Studies, Min Yu and Marek W. Urban


Effects of Monomer Functionality and Hydrogen Bonding on the Polymerization Kinetics and Properties of Thiol-Ene Networks, Hui Zhou, Qin Li, Junghwan Shin, and Charles E. Hoyle

POLY 206-New Initiators to Combine Quasiliving Carbocationic Polymerization and Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, Yaling Zhu and Robson F. Storey

Submissions from 2008

POLY 677-Aqueous RAFT Polymerization of Primary Amine-Based Vinyl Monomers, Alp H. Alidedeoglu, Adam W. York, Charles L. McCormick, and Sarah E. Morgan

PMSE 450-Attachment of Ampicilin to Expanded poly(tetrafluoethylene) (ePTFE): Surface Reactions Leading to Inhibition of Microbial Growth, Nattharika Aumsuwan, Ryan Danyus, and Marek W. Urban

PMSE 245-Nanopourous responsive materials based upon semicrystalline syndiotactic polystyrene, Justin P. Brandt, Brian G. Olson, and Sergei I. Nazarenko


Polyisobutylene-Based Miktoarm Star Polymers Via a Combination of Carbocationic and Atom Transfer Radical Polymerizations, L. Krystin Breland and Robson F. Storey

POLY 169-Room Temperature Cure Epoxy Resin Systems, Olivia D. Brooks, Toby Richey, Samuel J. Tucker, and Matthew Jackson

POLY 437-Thiol-Methacrylate Films Cured With Primary Amine Catalyst, Justin W. Chan, Huanyu Wei, Hui Zhou, and C. E. Hoyle


Convergent Synthesis of 3-arm Star Polymers from RAFT-Prepared Poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) via a Thiol-ene Click Reaction, Justin W. Chan, Bing Yu, Charles E. Hoyle, and Andrew B. Lowe

ORGN 168-Mechanism of the Primary and Secondary Amine Catalyzed Thio-Michael Addition Reaction With (Meth)acrylates, Justin W. Chan, Hui Zhou, and Huanyu Wei

PMSE 497-Molecular Dynamics of Sulfonated Poly(styrene-b-ethylene/butylene-b-styrene) Block Copolymers, Hongying Chen, Mohammad K. Hassan, and Kenneth A. Mauritz

PMSE 254-Gas Diffusion and Free Volume Behavior of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymers: Effect of Hydrogen Bonding Interaction, Grace Chigwada, Justin P. Brandt, Brian G. Olson, and Kenneth A. Mauritz

PMSE 478-Enzyme Catalyzed Small Molecule Reactions Inside Polymer Films, Pirro B. Cipi and James W. Rawlins


Kinetics Analysis and Physical Properties of Photocured Silicate-Based Thiol-ene Nanocomposites: The Effects of Vinyl POSS ene On the Polymerization Kinetics and Physical Properties of Thiol-Triallyl Ether Networks, Tolecia S. Clark, Charles E. Hoyle, and Sergei I. Nazarenko


Poly(lactic Acid) and Chain-Extended Poly(lactic Acid)-Polyurethane Functionalized With Pendent Carboxylic Acid Groups, Tim R. Cooper and Robson F. Storey

POLY 28-Investigation of the Effects of Polymer Microstructure On the Rheologies of Polyelectrolyte Gels: The Importance of Chain Rigidity, Branching, Hydrophobic Modification and Polymer-Particle Interaction, Ashley Cox and Stephen F. Foster

PMSE 264-Development of High Barrier Layered Systems Using Particulates, Jeremy J. Decker and Sergei I. Nazarenko

POLY 114-Antibody-Polymer Bead Conjugation Determination Via Surface Plasmon Resonance and Quartz Crystal Microbalance, Will Gray, Bing Yuan, and Sarah E. Morgan

PMSE 101-Adhesion Failure of PMMA and PBMA In Humid Environments, Kristin Hamilton

CHED 712-Laser Line Deflection to Study the Diffusion of Neat Methyl Methacrylate and High Molecular-Weight Poly(Methyl Methacrylate), Joshua S. Hanna

POLY 401-Diffusive Behavior and Diffusion Coefficients of Neat Methyl Methacrylate and High Molecular-Weight Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) For Use In Isothermal Frontal Polymerization Models, Joshua S. Hanna

POLY 170-Surface Morphology of Layer-By-Layer Assembly of pH Responsive Polyelectrolye Films Using Atomic Force Microscopy, Christoper A. Harris, Meghan Davis, Charles L. McCormick, and Sarah E. Morgan

POLY 32-Self-Assembly and Aggregation Behavior of the Hydrophobins hypA and hypB from Agaricus bisporus, Lacey M. Harris, Jun Li, and Sarah E. Morgan

PMSE 418-Nafion (R)/Silicate Hybrid Membranes Via Dibutyltin Dilaurate-Catalyzed In Situ Sol-Gel Processes, Mohammad K. Hassan and Kenneth A. Mauritz

PMSE 502-Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopic Studies of Nafion (R)/Silicate Nanocomposite Membranes, Mohammad K. Hassan and Kenneth A. Mauritz

FUEL 252-Chain dynamics of Nafion (R) Films Neutralized With Tetrabutyl Ammonium Counterions As Investigated By Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy, Mohammad K. Hassan, David W. Rhoades, and Kenneth A. Mauritz

Summer SCIENCE - Enhancing High School Science through Polymers, Sabine Heinhorst, Dana G. Thames, Janet Boyce, and Sarah E. Morgan

POLY 86-Twin Screw Extrusion: Formation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Through Reactive Extrusion, Ryan M. Hensarling, Jacob G. Ray, Anthony Hill, and Scott J. Moravek

POLY 373-Click thiol-ene reactions: Rapid and Efficient Chemistry For Materials Synthesis, Charles E. Hoyle

PMSE 84-Photoinitiated Thiol-ene Polymerization: The Latest Twists, Charles E. Hoyle, Hui Zhou, Huanyu Wei, and Qin Li

CHED 111-Stimuli-Responsive Phospholipid Stabilized Poly(ethoxyethyl Methacrylate-co-n-isopropylacrylamide) (PEEMA-co-PNIPAm) Colloidal Dispersions and Their Films, Shelley S. Huskey, Amy Rutland, Laura G. Kolibal, and Marek W. Urban

POLY 171-Miscibility of Solution Blended Films Containing Substituted Polyphenylenes and Polyphenylsulfones, Paul J. Jones, Rhonda Robertson, Crystal Smith, and Sarah E. Morgan

POLY 466-Optically Active Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films Assembled From Enantiomeric Amino Acid Based Polymers Synthesized Via RAFT, Matthew G. Kellum

POLY 490-Incorporation of pH/Salt Responsive Micelles Into Layer-By-Layer Films, Matthew G. Kellum, Christopher A. Harris, Sarah E. Morgan, and Charles L. McCormick


Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxylic Acid-Terminated Polyisobutylenes, Lisa K. Kemp, Andrew B. Donnalley, and Robson F. Storey


Structural Confirmation of Exo-Olefin-Coupled Polyisobutylene Via Model Compound Synthesis and Characterization, Lisa K. Kemp, Justin E. Poelma, Timothy R. Cooper, and Robson F. Storey


Thermoreversible Hydrogels From RAFT-Synthesized BAB Triblock Copolymers: Steps Toward Biomimetic Matrices For Tissue Regeneration, Stacey E. Kirkland, Ryan M. Hensarling, Shawn D. McConaughy, William L. Jarrett, and Charles L. McCormick

POLY 242-Temperature Responsive BAB RAFT Triblock Copolymers: From Micelles to Gels, Stacey E. Kirkland and Charles L. McCormick


Morphology of Poly[(t-butyl acrylate)-b-styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene-b-(t-butyl acrylate)] Pentablock Terpolymers and Their Thermal Conversion to the Acrylic Acid Form, James G. Kopchick, Robson F. Storey, William L. Jarrett, and Kenneth A. Mauritz

POLY 39-Comparison of Hydrogen Bonding in Urethanes and Thiourethanes, Qin Li, Hui Zhou, Douglas A. Wicks, and Charles E. Hoyle

POLY 476-3-D Directional Temperature Responsive (N-(DL)-(1-hydroxymethyl) Propylmethacrylamide-co-n butyl acrylate) Colloidal Particles and Their Films, Fang Liu and Marek W. Urban


POLY 138-Investigating the Interaction Between Polyelectrolyte Microgels and Water Soluble Film-Formers By Solubility Parameter Matching and Measurement of Phase Behavior, Robert Y. Lochhead

Trends in Polymers for Personal Care: A Tutorial, Robert Y. Lochhead

PMSE 506-Rheological Behavior of Reinforced Polyurethane/Clay Nanocomposite Films Prepared From Aqueous Prepolymer Dispersion, Samy A. Madbouly and Joshua U. Otaigbe

PMSE 491-Synthesis of Polyurethane-Urea/Clay Nanocomposite From Aqueous Prepolymer Dispersions, Samy A. Madbouly, Joshua U. Otaigbe, Ajaya K. Nanda, and Douglas A. Wicks


Synthesis of Carbonated Vernonia Oil, Noel Man, Sharathkumar K. Mendon, James W. Rawlins, and Shelby F. Thames

POLY 606-Effect of Thermal Treatment On the Solvent Stability of Dispersion-Cast Nafion (R), Kenneth A. Mauritz

FUEL 44-Dielectric Spectroscopic Studies of Nafion and Nafion/Silicate Membranes, Kenneth A. Mauritz, Mohammad K. Hassan, Yatin Patil, and David W. Rhoades

PMSE 427-Rheology and Phase Behavior of a Galacturonate Polysaccharide Capable of In Situ Gelation, Shawn D. McConaughy, Stacey E. Kirkland, Josh Gibson, and Charles L. McCormick


Tailoring the Network Properties of Ca2+ Crosslinked Aloe vera Polysaccharide Hydrogels for in Situ Release of Therapeutic Agents, Shawn D. McConaughy, Stacey E. Kirkland, Nicolas J. Treat, Paul A. Stroud, and Charles L. McCormick


Structural Characterization and Solution Properties of a Galacturonate Polysaccharide Derived from Aloe Vera Capable of In Situ Gelation, Shawn D. McConaughy, Paul A. Stroud, Brent Boudreaux, Roger D. Hester, and Charles L. McCormick

PMSE 140-Attachment of Penicillin (gram plus ) and Gentamicin (gram -) to Polypropylene Surfaces: Formation of Antimicrobial Films, Matthew McConnell and Marek W. Urban

POLY 136-Recent Developments in RAFT Polymerization Techniques: Design of Stimuli-Responsive Systems Relevant to Biomedicine, Charles L. McCormick


RAFT-synthesized diblock and triblock copolymers: thermally-induced supramolecular assembly in aqueous media, Charles L. McCormick, Brent S. Sumerlin, Brad S. Lokitz, and Jonathan E. Stempka

POLY 137-Investigating the Molecular Basis of the Rheology of Polyelectrolyte Microgels, Nicole McWight and Robert Y. Lochhead

Synthesis and Characterization of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber-Clay Nanocomposites With Enhanced Mechanical and Gas Barrier Properties, P. Meneghetti, S. Shaikh, Syed Qutubuddin, and Sergei I. Nazarenko


Substituted Hippurates and Hippurate Analogs As Substrates and Inhibitors of Peptidylglycine Alpha-Hydroxylating Monooxygenase (PHM), David J. Merkler, Alexander S. Asser, Laura E. Baumgart, Natalie Carballo, Sarah E. Carpenter, Geoffrey H. Chew, Casey C. Cosner, Jodi Dusi, Andrew B. Lowe, Edward W. Lowe Jr., Lawrence King III, Robert D. Kendig, Paul C. Kline, Robert Malka, Kathleen A. Merkler, Neil R. McIntyre, Mindy Romero, Benjamin J. Wilcox, and Terence C. Owen

PMSE 35-Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Films: Challenges and Opportunities, Anuradha Misra, Fang Liu, and Marek W. Urban

POLY 604-Investigation of Molecular Miscibility and Chain Dynamics in Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS (R))/Polystyrene Nanocomposites, Rahul Misra, Alp H. Alidedeoglu, William L. Jarrett, and Sarah E. Morgan

POLY 172-Low Friction Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS)/Polypropylene Hybrid Nanocomposites, Rahul Misra, Kevin Rollins, and Sarah E. Morgan