Chun-Min Wang


Wikis are innovative Web 2.0 tools that allow users to create, expand, and edit content collaboratively. This makes wikis promising for online collaborative learning, but further exploration is required to determine if using wikis can achieve learning goals efficiently and appropriately. With increasing globalization, it is useful to determine how students from non-Western cultures respond to using wikis in the learning environment. In this study, the author compares two Taiwanese undergraduate classes with different instructional design and peer assessment strategies to understand Taiwanese student online behaviors and learning preferences in a learning environment using wikis. The results indicate that students prefer to be assigned responsibility in group projects rather than free writing assignments, and student collaboration is limited in the assignment. The author also discusses the efficiency of in-group peer assessment and inter-group peer assessment used in group projects. The author suggests using wikis as a knowledge management system may be better than using wikis as a collaborative tool in tertiary education classroom.