Much attention has been paid to using English movies in senior high school English teaching in China since the release of 2017 edition of Senior High School English Curriculum Standards that lists English Movie Appreciation as an optional compulsory course. Senior high school teachers have conducted substantial research over the past three years regarding the practical application of English movies in their teaching, yet there has been a lack of thorough and systematic of analysis of the large number of relevant papers published, which, more or less, limits the understanding and further advancements of this study area. This paper attempts, in light of the emerging systematic review methodology, to present an overview of the research papers spanning the period 2019 to 2022 on the use of English movies in Chinese senior high school from the four perspectives: language ability, cultural awareness, thinking quality, and learning ability based on the concept of core literacy of English as an academic discipline in the new curriculum standard. With focus on the discussion of the common problems and corresponding countermeasures that have been sorted out from the works of front-line teachers, the paper also puts forward suggestions and prospects for further studies.

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