In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the progress of science and technology, new media continuously entered the field of education, promoting the development of educational technology. In the Current Educational Technology stage, the theories and practices of educational technology in the United States have significant influence. This article mainly takes China and the United States as examples to briefly describe the development process of modern Educational Technology domestically and internationally. The evolution of Educational Technology in the United States comprises two parallel threads: one is the development of media technology (materialized technology), and the other is the development of intelligent technology (non-materialized technology). The interaction and organic integration of two threads constitute the development history of Educational Technology. Modern Educational Technology in China started with electrified education. It emerged in response to the developmental needs of the country, drawing on foreign technology and experience to address urgent issues related to the public's diathesis at the time. From its inception, it embarked on a different development path from other countries, known as "big electrified education". The development process of modern Educational Technology in China can be divided into five stages in terms of time: newly established, lay a foundation, development, transformation, and in-depth development. This has resulted in the creation of a unique field of Educational Technology in the world, encompassing Educational Technology disciplines (including majors), undertakings, and industries.

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