Ai Chun Yen


This paper discusses how EFL non-English majors’ critical reading and writing awareness in English can be developed in a literature-based class for general education. This module was designed for non-English majors to read the classic literary texts with e-story mapping (hereafter called the “Literary Project” or the “Project”) at Dong Hwa University, Taiwan. The Literary Project centered on how context shaped students’ critical reading and writing skills and to further their knowledge management. The 4P model—plan-produce-publish-present—was introduced in the frst class and framed in such a way as to contextualize reading analytically frst and later writing academically. At the same time, it provides principles for the researcher to organize the rubrics to assess students’ performance for data analysis. Strategies and productions addressed in this paper were research-based and practical in application. The analysis of participants’ progress in collaborative reading and writing through the use of e-story mapping shows that the 4P model helps them to concentrate on critical reading and writing components in a different, but complementary manner depending on whether they are engaged in the e-story mapping.